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Social Media Marketing advantages and disadvantages


Social media includes Face-book, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In, Tumbler and Pinterest are Social media in nowadays is getting more important than electronic media. The main purpose of its importance is Smart phones, nowadays every person use smart phones and run all applications that allows us to get entertain with all these social media apps. Social media has made our lives much simpler, all the news national or international we get in seconds through social media. It is a very competitive channel for electronic media. But all the news in social media are not original sometimes some people fly fake news just for their entertainment so all the people don’t trust the news published on social media. But sometimes it let us reach the news that electronic media can’t. User on these social media application can also make friends share data and can also run their businesses easily. Many of businesses are running through these social media applications through social media marketing. Social media marketing plays a very major role in social media marketing. Due to the lack of social media on the Internet, a person was able to communicate with thousands of people, or even millions of people around the world. Social Media has bombed the on-line chat category where people create, sharing, bookmarks and high speed networks. All types of social media offers Ability to introduce ourselves and our products into vibrant communities and abilities Interest.

How Social Media Effects Your Business

The nature of resources, such as creation, distribution, and online information used by users. Learn about each other’s products, brands, services and problems. Example Facebook, My Space, Dig, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Use, fast and easy Politics, environment, social media .The entertainment industry promotes social media self-promotion methods. Viral quality Social media companies want to market their products and services. Social Media is now a growing trend in marketing. Marketers are starting to understand about usage Social Media to reach your customers as part of their marketing strategies and guests. Promotions, marketing intelligence, passion research, public relations, marketing communications and there is a subdivision of products and customer management marketing that can use social media. Every social media platform (such as blogs, online discussion formats and online community) Marketing performance (for example sales), is therefore necessary to understand the importance and integrity of their Microsoft. In addition, social media users are now highly motivated Internet users. Social Media reported that 70% of social media users buy online. Easily get users sit down for sit and access in front of a computer screen even online sites, although social media marketing offers a lot of benefits for consumers and marketers, it has a negative effect. Reduction due to ease of access to information Monitoring and control, this undoubtedly promotes many threats and cybercrime. We will be in the future detail, discuss the social media marketing expert and the idea. Social media marketing is a new trend and the fastest way to reach business Targeted customers easily. Social media marketing can only be described as the use of social media channels Promote a company and its products.

To run business On line On Social Media

This kind of marketing can be considered as the lowest of on-line marketing Traditional web-based promotion strategy activities like email newsletter and on-line Advertising campaigns. Users promote users to spread messages Contact, Social Media Marketing has imposed a new era of potential distribution and trust for Miss Communications and Mass Marketing. New and new marketing new approaches Tools are being developed and business has increased. Social media marketers are now getting better Entry and more insight through the introduction of analytical applications by the official social network site. Platform. There are several different social media sites, and they take a lot of varieties and vary Features. Obviously, first of all it seems that the most common social networking site is Face-book. Face-book was introduced in February 2004, which was owned by Face-book, Inc. and worked until. There are over 900 million active users from Face-book. Users must register before using this site; they can make one Personal profile, add users as friends and change messages, including autonomous notifications update your profile. In addition, users can join common interest groups Distribute your friends to “work with” or “close friends” in the listings. The main mission of Face-book is Potential and possibly potential possibilities worldwide. Large social network sites like instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked-In are widely different, but basically they use the same principles. 10 Social Media Marketing 10 Using social media marketing can take many sizes like marketing. In traditional Face book models specifically, with a brand or solid product, it is included in changing or changing the concept of human “friend”. Page or Group. A user who chooses “products” or “company” likes the connection on your private network of contacts. This concept comes with other types of social media. Twitter is a combination of micro blogging and social networks. Twitter allows advertisers to provide advertisements for small updates and linked developers. Twitter users will have the opportunity to participate in real time. Usually there is a tweet who can see over 140 characters.

How your Customers Contact with you.

Identification of many channels falling under the social media type, each of which has opportunities to contact with the business dealer. There are unique benefits for marketing, such as project issues, or editable data resources In fact, a particular risk of contact appears that they are going soon. The basic source of information between user population. Another heavy use of blogs organized by any person or organization is in the marketing forum. Through Blogs can help brand advertisement by updating new users by sharing internal information. The fans will be updated by the plan of your company at any time Special events, a new promotion organized by competition or brand or product. Post a blog post also allows fans and commentators to comment on comments and opinions, and ask observers. This help to encourage ideas between people and promote honest discussion between people and the dealer to solve them. Need to understand the social media perspective Make the biggest chance of success with social media marketing.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of social media.


  • Connectivity
  • Education
  • Help
  • Information and Updates
  • Promotion
  • Noble cause
  • Awareness
  • Improves business reputation
  • Helps in building communities
  • Customer service


  • Cyberbullying
  • Hacking
  • Addiction
  • Scams
  • Security Issues
  • Reputation
  • Cheating and Relationship issues
  • Time intensive
  • Copyright issues
  • Privacy and Security issues
  • Negative feedback

Key Point

Social media is a platform for sharing ideas, information and point of views it is one of the best way to stay informed. Major news outlets, corporation and person of interest use social media to deliver media. All over it is a very amazing platform in modern world.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing advantages and disadvantages”

  1. Ndahimana M ahadi

    another advantages can be :
    1.source of information
    2.protects user’s data
    3. promotes creativity

  2. Ndahimana M ahadi

    another advantages can be :
    1.source of information
    2.protects user’s data
    3. promotes creativity

  3. Ndahimana M ahadi

    another advantages can be :
    1.source of information
    2.protects user’s data
    3. promotes creativity

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